The World bites and is killing Vatican II but our rescuer is here…

The Catholic Church decided to dialogue with the World in the 1960s but any Catholic catechised in Orthodox Catholicism could have told the protagonists what the World guided by it’s Prince would do.  Like a young child stroking a vicious dog it will bite, and not just once but for the eventual kill.

In abandoning the distinction between the World and the City of God and mixing them, and in many respects ingratiating and embracing viciousness, the Church members have become indistinguishable from the World.

In clinging to this experiment to prove Vatican II right, not only have they fallen into the sin of Temporality -see previous post, but they have managed to increase the evil, the viciousness of World.

How can this be? Is it possible that God the Father is continually (since the 1960s) warning them to turn back by permitting such increasing unprecedented and vile evil to show them dialogue is was not the Way of our Lord, His Son? But in their pride they have become so blind as to the increasing frenzied biting evil – the bite marks are now threatening death. Contraception marks over the Body, followed by Abortion tearing at the flesh, sexual attacks in the form of homosexuality and correlated abuse and still they smile it away. When will they grab the rope thrown by the true Liturgy, solid shield of Orthodox Catechesis, and arrows of Divine Truth which will kill these unleashed beasts? Now the welts of heresy are rising, swollen with the victim ignoring the swellings, they are set on a pact of allowing their own murder.

Had the Church pointed out the errors of the age before offering the healing balm of the Gospel truths. Had She recognised the World as the false Ark of iniquity before offering the true Ark of salvation then perhaps the errors of Russia would not have bitten.

Mercifully God has shown us the World and it’s false religions for what they are, a crying mass of human beings enslaved by the evil one, waiting to be released by baptism, stupendous grace which heals bites and glorifies the body.

Our only recourse in this ‘self-demolition’ is St. Joseph of Fatima, Royal St. Joseph, St Joseph terror of demons.

St. Joseph of Fatima, pray for us.

Royal St. Joseph, pray for us.

St. Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us.

St Joseph rescuer of the Holy Family, rescue us. Amen, so be it, have confidence, he hears our prayers, he sets out to do what he has been asked, let’s be carried by him. He paves the way of his Immaculate Spouse, who holds in her grace filled hands that Peace of Christ the King, her Son.  The future is Catholic. One baptism, one Lord, one Faith then Heaven, Sr. Lucia pray for us. St Jacinta and St. Francisco pray for us. O Guardian Angels unite in this final pleading for the fire of the Immaculate, not that awful fire of Justice. Out Lady of Akita hear them, Our Lady of Fatima be satisfied!

Consecrate yourself to your Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel
Be in my senses
Be in my thoughts
Be in my deliberations
Turn my soul to the Holy Trinity
Gently turn my gaze away from myself
Touch my soul with the flame of your love of God
that having departed from this earth I am consumed with Him Who will not admit any other object thus your mission complete I may hear your voice, see your face, beatified as it is now with that light you so ardently pray to impart to me now, lowly sinner that I am. Amen.

First Saturday Prayer of Reparation to Our Lady

On this Feast of Our Lady of the Snows.
Those who are keeping the Five First Saturdays may be interested in the way it relates to five sins against the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  This prayer came from my soul to make reparation for those five sins, and I say it every First Saturday…
O Mary I acknowledge your Immaculate Conception remembering that my baptism took away my Original sin.
O Mary you remained a virgin after your Son’s birth – forgive me for sins of impurity.
O Mary you are my Mother to whom I cry until you hold me in heaven.
O Mary,  for every bad word against your name and person today I respond ‘forgive them’ as I repair the damage done to your Immaculate Heart by saying ‘I love you’.
O Mary let my Guardian Angel attend to every spoiled image of you, taking my eyes to gaze upon you my Immaculate Queen.
Thank you Father for hearing this prayer to repair the wounds inflicted upon your Immaculate Daughter of Zion, through your Beloved Son, in the power of Her Holy Spouse.  Amen.

Fatima – the Glory of St. Joseph

Since the Devil is attacking the Family, and this is the final battle according to Sr. Lucia the following request does make sense of the diabolical disorientation and clears the smoke of Satan away for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary…

Dear Sir/Madam,

You may be aware that a prayer to Royal St. Joseph was ecclesiastically approved which begs for Mary’s Dowry (England) to be returned to her.

May I humbly ask if you would consider promoting further recourse to St. Joseph by petitioning him to obtain the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  As you know, St. Joseph appeared in the last Fatima apparition and perhaps we are missing the not so obvious point that God had provided for the current crisis by giving us St. Joseph’s instrumental help (his blessing the world in the final apparition with his Son)  in obtaining the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary via the Consecration of his Spouse’s Immaculate Heart to Russia obtaining the eagerly desired peace for the world.

I suggest a prayer be composed to this effect or similar. 

“(Royal) St. Joseph, beloved Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and revered earthly Father of Christ the King. Obtain for us poor and abandoned sinners the grace for the Holy Father in union with all the Bishops throughout the world to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of your beloved Spouse.  O Patron of the Universal Church overcome those obstacles preventing your Spouse’s heavenly request being heeded and thus crushing the ancient serpent’s head, manifesting once again the Catholic Church’s Glory as Bride of Christ.  Amen.”

To think that the disobedience to Our Lady’s request in 1960 would bring about a greater good, that of the Glory of St. Joseph.  It is the last piece in a confusing jigsaw, but would clear the diabolical disorientation and clear the way for her Triumph in a way that would please her more with St. Joseph than without him. 

Yours in Christ,

Mary’s Presence – the Rosary

When praying the Rosary Our Lady is made present and prays with us. In the Gospel of Luke we are told that Our Lady ‘pondered these things in her heart’ (Luke 2:19, 2:51 – both references are present in the Joyful Mysteries) and in essence this is what we are doing with our Mother when we pray the Rosary. If we may say that the Rosary makes Mary present, it’s a quasi-sacramental presence of Mary. So we enjoy a certain intimacy with Mary when praying the Rosary, and it may be that she shares her presence despite our sinfulness as a special privilege she herself gives to those saying the Rosary and why she is so determined, in her gentle way, that we should say the Rosary in imitation of her ‘pondering’ whilst she was on earth, and accompany us whilst we are here.   When we say the Rosary Mary purifies our distractions, poor meditations, and lack of virtue so that God the Father receives our prayer through her Heart.  Think for a moment…Mary is with us when we say the Rosary, she attentively purifies our intentions and performance so that our prayer is powerful before God. The mere fact that the Rosary makes Mary present to us is a source of joy and comfort and should make us want to say the Rosary, but added to this, to become aware of her presence.

To show that the Rosary makes Mary present in our prayer consider what Our Lady of Fatima said to the seers on the 13th July 1917, that she desired communions of reparation on the First Saturday of each month, then Our Lady, in further explanation to Sister Lucia on December 10th 1925, asked those who kept the First Saturday devotion that they ‘keep me company for a quarter of an hour’ as well as the Rosary. It is unlikely that our spiritual Mother would keep us company for a quarter of an hour but not when saying the Rosary, in fact we would suggest that the Rosary is making Mary’s company par excellence.

So that is why saying the Rosary is so necessary to advance in prayer for it raises our prayer to a state of Mary’s perfection in prayer, whilst increasing our own merits and spiritual maturity. Mary’s presence in our prayer clears the way for the Father’s listening and response. That would explain why the request of our Mother to say the Rosary for world peace is so urgent in times when we lack virtue and the world lacks grace so darkened has reason become.

So take up the Rosary to make your spiritual mother present, meditate not only on what was important to her with regards to her Son (His Life, Death, Resurrection and His Mother’s privileges thereafter), but also in a sense to converse with her, to ponder with her those mysteries.

The Devil hates the Rosary because together with all we have said the virtue of humility is applied in the saying of the Rosary for we are not only submitting to God and but to the Son of God’s mother and this prayer weakens the Devils power over us and for those whom graces are applied. Mary’s presence includes all her virtues and not least her humility the antithesis to the Devil’s pride. The power of her Son’s death and her Mediatrix role therein are a potent holy combination unlike any other prayer save Our Lady’s Office and the supreme Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to which the Rosary is simply a peculiar extension.

O Mary thank you for being truly present when we say the Rosary, those holy beads, those holy rings made holy by the Church’s blessing and your presence with us. What comfort we should take from making you present, because you want to be made present by this prayer given in time through St. Dominic and extolled by those advanced saints whom you enlightened through the centuries. Let us ask you graces and blessings on those whom we are supposed to pray for, not least that your plan made know at Fatima be fulfilled. Amen.

In the centenary year and month you requested the First Saturdays, and in the month of the Precious Blood.

Queen of May

Queen of May


You have just crowned your Lady, the Immaculate Queen of May

…now crown her Son with your silence when you enter the Church


…with your prayers whilst you are present before the King.


…with your attentiveness to His Real Presence


…with your constant awareness of His Majestic Presence!


…and do leave having obtained His Blessing, and her smile…

Then you have crowned Our Lady.